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Alternative Healing Shops
Find shopping stores and shops online that sell alternative healing products including magnetic health products, natural skin care products, meditation products, healing products, organic beauty products, aromatherapy, homeopathic products, biofeedback products and flower essences at retail prices.

Aromatherapy Shops
Find shopping stores and shops online that sell aromatherapy products including essential oils, soaps, candles, flower essences, skin care products, hair and body products, aromatherapy bath products and aroma lamps at retail prices.

Electronic Healing Products
Listing of retail stores and shops online that sell electronic health products including biofeedback machines, electronic massage machines, flotation tanks, air and water purification, ozonation products, radiation monitors, magnetic pulse therapy equipment, Chi machines, air purifiers, dawn simulators and light and sound machines.

Flower Essence Shops and Vibrational Essence Shops
Find retail shops and suppliers that sell flower essences including Australian Bush Flower essences, Bach flower remedies, vibrational essences, wildflower essences, Chakra flower essences, alcohol-free essences, flower essences for pets, angelic essences and Deva flower essences.

Herbal Shops
See herbal shops and herbal medicine stores that sell herbal remedies and herbal products like Chinese herbs, herbal pills, herbal supplements, herbal extracts, bulk loose herbs, herbal powders, herbal capsules, herbal ointments, herbal creams, organic herbs, herbal holistic products, herbal household cleaners, herbal tinctures and herbal pet supplies.

Massage Supplies
Find retail stores and shops online that sell massage equipment including massage tables, massage stone sets, massage videos, massage chairs, massage carrying cases, massage oils, reflexology chairs, massage towels, inversion tables, spa equipment and massage tools

List Your Free Alternative Health Shopping Site
Have your free alternative healing shop or store website listed on the Ascension Gateway spiritual directory of shops, shopping stores and retailers online See also: Alternative Health Wholesale Companies

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